Hot Water Tank Insulation

How do I insulate my hot water tank?

You can insulate a hot water tank by fitting it with a jacket. A hot water cylinder jacket costs around £15 and you can fit it simply by following the instructions. That's a quick win for your wallet!

When hot water tanks are installed now, they always come insulated, so if yours isn't, it could be a sign that it's old and might be due for replacement with a new, factory-insulated one.

Pipe Insulation

How do I insulate pipes?

Pipe insulation is when you cover your pipes with foam tubes or a reflective wrapping. It's a great idea to insulate any exposed pipes leading from your tank to your boiler to keep the heat in.

These foam covers keep your pipes snug – and therefore they lose less heat. You can get different shapes and sizes from any hardware shop and they're usually a cheap option for keeping that extra bit of heat in.

Pipe insulation types

  1. Pipe wrap: this is a foam usually that fits onto your pipes with a slit so you can easily put it on. Sometimes this has a reflective silver outer layer which is an added layer to keep the heat in.
  2. Pipe lagging: this is a fabric alternative for your pipe insulation, made of very thick material and is usually more expensive that the foam option.

Radiator Insulation

How do I insulate my radiators?

Radiator insulation is a actually reflecting heat rather than insulating. You don't actually insulate a radiator – instead you can slip reflectors behind them which reflects heat from the radiator into your room. This means the heat doesn't get lost in your wall, it's pushed back into the room it's supposed to be heating. If you're keen to save as much as you can on energy bills this can be a great low cost option.

You only need to use these on radiators fixed to external walls – the reflectors stop heat escaping into the external wall and then out of your home.

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More insulation

Loft insulation - Man installing loft insulation in a loft

Loft and roof insulation

Insulate your loft to keep the heat inside your house and check out if you can get free loft and roof insulation with the ECO Scheme.

a cavity insulation injection tube is affixed toa wall, while in the background a man measures a doorframe

Cavity wall insulation

Stop losing heat through your walls and check if you can get cavity wall insulation free with the ECO Scheme.

Solid wall insulation

Add an extra layer to your external walls to lock in the heat for better energy efficiency.

Door and window draught insulation

Stop those chills with super simple draught insulation for your windows and doors.

Floor insulation

There are many insulation solutions made of different materials for your floors to stop draughts and heat loss.

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