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Join EDF and save with LifeWorks

Get our exclusive offer below and receive a bill credit when you switch(1)

Total Service 3 Year Fix

  • Get our 3-year fixed tariff and avoid price rises
  • Easy, simple and hassle-free switching
  • Get £25 bill credit 

Why switch to EDF through LifeWorks?

  • Manage your energy online - 24/7 access to your account online 
  • Easy, simple and hassle-free switching - Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee 
  • Help us meet Britain's Net Zero target - All our fixed home energy customers get zero carbon electricity as standard(2)

Peace of mind with Energy Switch Guarantee

Energy Switch Guarantee is an agreement between energy suppliers to make the switching process easier. When you join EDF, we'll handle everything for you. This means:

  • The switching service is free and once you've chosen your tariff, you won't have to do anything else. We'll complete the switch for you, including contacting your current provider to let them know you're leaving.
  • Your energy supply won't be interrupted. 
  • The switch won't take longer than 21 days, from the date we receive your application.
  • If you change your mind you'll have 14 days to cancel at no extra cost. 
  • Your old provider will send you a final bill within six weeks of switching. If they owe you any money, you'll receive it within 14 days of the bill.