Supporting independent living with peace of mind

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Howz is an award-winning smart home care kit created by a physiotherapist to help people live independently for longer.

The easy to use system includes smart sensors which once installed learns routines within the home and provides invaluable reassurance to you, your family, and friends. 



Track routine around the home and be alerted to change

An easy to use app ensures you can track the movement of the ones you love at any time.

If any changes to routine are detected Howz lets you know, allowing you to check in and ensure everything is well.

Live life the way you want to

Howz sensor

Peace of mind

Look out for the ones you love without being intrusive through the use of smart technology like sensors, smart plugs and a motion detector that connect to a home hub and an app.


There are no cameras and you choose who gets to see the data.

Stay connected

The app shows if there's something different in the routine and sends notifications when something's not right.

Smart home care kit just £149
+ Howz Monthly Service Subscription £9 (Free for the first month)

What customers say about Howz

"My mum is 91 and lives on her own. Howz has given me peace of mind as I can check the app to make sure she has got up in the morning and see that she has made herself a cup of tea.  If I ring her and there is no answer I can see that she has gone out from the sensor installed on her front door.  It has also enabled her to keep her independence as she knows I am aware that she is mobile. It is a great relief for both of us."

Angela Batchelor

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Howz and EDF Energy

Howz and EDF Energy have been working closely together since Howz won EDF Energy’s start-up challenge in 2016 and subsequently worked with its internal innovation accelerator, Blue Lab. Last year the energy company trialled more than 200 of the original Howz home monitoring systems with its network of elderly customers, and worked with Howz to develop the product ahead of its latest launch.

Béatrice Bigois, Managing Director, Customers for EDF Energy said: “Energy and technology are a huge part of our everyday lives, from putting the kettle on in the morning to switching the television off at night. In working with Howz, we have developed a truly transformative solution that connects users everyday energy routines with their families so that they can stay connected, wherever they are, and be alerted if something doesn’t seem quite right.”  ​

Where can I buy Howz?

Find out more and buy a Howz starter kit today by visiting our Smart Home Store.