What is Howz?

Howz is an award-winning smart home monitoring system for older people and their family, friends or carers.

The system includes smart sensors and monitors that supports independent living for as long as possible. Giving families, friends and carers the peace of mind that their loved one is going about their daily routine like usual and alerts them through the app if anything is out of the ordinary.

The system is very easy to install and unobtrusive when it's up and running. The data that the system collects is only shared with the person who has the app, so it's private and safe.

How much does it cost?

Just £199 + £6 monthly subscription fee for using the Howz service.


Howz sensor

Peace of mind

Look out for your loved one without being intrusive

Howz demonstration


There are no cameras and you choose who gets to see the data from the home monitors

Stay connected

The app shows if there's something different in the older person's routine

How does Howz work?

Howz uses smart home technology like door sensors, smart plugs and motion detectors that connect to a home hub and an app. It learns the older person's routine and sends notifications via the Howz app when something's not right.

How Howz works

What's in a Howz smart home monitoring system?

The Howz system includes:

  • 1 x  smart plug - this simply plugs into your normal wall socket and then you plug your device into our smart plug.  It's designed to work with devices that require human interaction such as the kettle, microwave, or toaster
  • 1 x movement sensor - this sensor detects when something moves in front of it.  It picks up movement on an arc using infra red technology - no camera used
  • 1 x door sensor - The sensor comes in 2 parts, a small magnet for the door and a receiver on the frame. The sensor reports when the door is open and closed
  • 1 x home hub - This box connects to your internet and then receives all the information from your sensors and sends it securely to Howz
  • Subscription to the Howz service; where you can set up who you send alerts to; view your information and change your sensor names
Howz kit and app

Howz and EDF Energy

Howz and EDF Energy have been working closely together since Howz won EDF Energy’s start-up challenge in 2016 and subsequently worked with its internal innovation accelerator, Blue Lab. Last year the energy company trialled more than 200 of the original Howz home monitoring systems with its network of elderly customers, and worked with Howz to develop the product ahead of its latest launch.
EDF Energy and Howz will next explore how data from smart meters can be integrated into the home monitoring systems, demonstrating the wider benefits the national rollout can deliver to households across Great Britain.

Béatrice Bigois, Managing Director, Customers for EDF Energy said: “Energy and technology are a huge part of our everyday lives, from putting the kettle on in the morning to switching the television off at night. In working with Howz, we have developed a truly transformative solution that connects users everyday energy routines with their families so that they can stay connected, wherever they are, and be alerted if something doesn’t seem quite right.”  ​

Where can I buy Howz?

Find out more and buy a Howz starter kit today by visiting the Howz website.