I’m moving out – what should I do about my prepayment meter?​


  • Just log in to MyAccount and click on 'Home move' to tell us you’re moving out (you'll need to sign in or register for MyAccount first). Or click on the Chat button on the right.
  • We'll need to know the date you’re moving and your new address. We'll use this to see if we already supply your new address.
  • - If we do supply your new address, you can tell us if you'd like to take your EDF tariff with you.
    - If we don't supply it, we'll help you set up a new EDF account for your new home.
  • Try to use up all the credit on your meter before you move. If you can’t, we can refund any leftover credit by cheque. You'll need to tell us at least two days before you move out that you'd like a refund – please get in touch by clicking the Chat button on the right.
  • Check out our moving house checklist – it covers everything you need to do to make sure your move goes smoothly.

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