At EDF Energy, we want to do the right thing, including refunding you if we owe you money. We understand every penny counts.

So if you think you may have paid for more energy than you’ve used, just get in touch. If you’re a current customer you can give us a meter reading. If you’re no longer with us please complete the closed account refunds form and we’ll look into it for you. Once our investigation is complete, we’ll happily refund any amounts owed.

I’m a current customer - how do I get a refund?

Step 1: How do I know if I’ve paid for more energy than I've used?

While we always try to make sure the amount you’re paying covers what you’re using, this doesn’t always work out accurately. Next time you look at your meter, check if the reading is lower than the one shown on your most recent bill. If it is we may owe you a refund.

If you haven’t recently had an accurate bill and you think you may have paid for more energy than you’ve used, please contact us with a meter reading so we can check the accuracy of the balance showing on your account.

Here are four easy ways you can do this:

  • Log in to your online account 
  • Call our ‘no queue’ automated system on 0333 200 5108(1)
  • Download the EDF Energy app to give us instant readings
  • If you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 0333 200 5100(1)

Step 2: What happens after I’ve given you my readings?

If your credit balance is accurate there are several ways we can refund you, depending on your payment method:

  • Monthly Budget Direct Debit – Please remember, your Direct Debit is calculated over 12 months so at points throughout the year it’s likely that your account may show a credit balance. Don’t worry. If, on the date we review your direct debit, your account is in credit by more than a set amount (our ‘specified credit amount’), then we’ll refund the amount you are in credit by once you’ve given us your own meter reading. All these details will be on your next bill. 
  • Direct Debit Whole Amount – The next time we receive a reading from you, if by paying the Regular Payment Amount (RPA) you’ve built up a credit, this will be reflected in the amount requested in your next bill.
  • Debit/Credit card – We know that customers budget for their energy differently, so we’ll only refund anything outstanding to you if you ask us to. We’ll do this immediately to the card the original payment was made on (where possible).
  • Prepayment customers – Your meter will always show you how much credit you have, so it’s unlikely we’d need to provide you with a refund while we supply you. If any credit has been given by EDF Energy as a goodwill payment or Guaranteed Service Standard, the money will be refunded immediately. If a broken payment key or card is returned to us with credit that failed to transfer to the meter, we will send a refund to the current key or card you’re using to top up.

Customers who've left EDF Energy

My account’s closed and I think I may be due a refund – what should I do?

Change of supply

If you’ve switched suppliers and have received a final bill from us based on an actual or an estimated reading, we’ll automatically refund any credit back to you within 14 days of your final bill/invoice. This is if you pay by Direct Debit, cash, card or cheque.

Moving home

If you’re a credit customer, it’s important you give us meter readings, your moving out date and a forwarding address as close to your moving date as possible. You can do this using our home movers form. This will help us make sure your final bill is accurate and work out if you’ve paid for more energy than you used up to the point you moved out. Once we have this we’ll automatically refund any money owed to you as shown on your final bill.

If you can’t give us this information, please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your account and decide how best to refund anything we owe you.

If you pay for your energy through a prepayment meter it’s a good idea to run your credit down before you move out. This is unless you’re repaying a debt. In this instance any credit left on your account will be used to pay off your outstanding balance. If you’re not paying off a debt or able to run down the credit before moving, please call us as soon as possible and we can arrange for any remaining credit to be refunded, which may require an appointment to remove the credit from the meter. Alternatively you can ask the new occupier if they will give you the full amount of any outstanding credit on the meter when they move in.


If you are now responsible for a property, the energy supply will be transferred into your name as the Executors of the estate until the time the property is sold or rented. We’d need meter readings as close as possible to this time and will use these to generate an accurate final bill and work out if a refund is owed or if there’s anything outstanding to pay. Any refunds will be sent though to you. If there’s a prepayment meter at the property the refunds process is the same as described in the ‘moving home’ scenario above.

In all instances, if we haven’t heard from you within three weeks of your final bill being sent, we’ll write to remind you to get in touch. If you have another account with us in the same name and we’ve found you’re owed a refund, we may transfer any credit to that account.

We remain committed to making sure our customers receive any credit due to them. Find out our progress so far.

What if I don’t receive my credit?

If you’ve been expecting a refund but haven’t yet received it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to look into it for you:

Contact us

What if I’m unhappy with the service I’ve received?

We try our best to provide an excellent service for our customers, but if you have a complaint we want to know about it. We’re here to help and to resolve any issues as best we can.

Unclaimed credit enquiry form

If we owe you money, we're committed to getting it back to you. So if we previously supplied your energy and you think you've paid too much, complete the form below and we'll check to see if this is the case. If our records confirm this, we'll let you know and will credit you within 10 working days. If you've moved home and have another account with us in the same name, we may transfer any credit to that account. If there's an outstanding balance we’re entitled to recover, we'll send a bill to your new address. There may be some instances where we need to call you for more information.

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