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What is the QR code on my energy bill for?

You can scan the QR code on your bill with your smartphone or tablet. This will give you the information you need to compare tariffs.

Your QR code gives you the following information about your energy supply:

  • How much gas and/or electricity we estimate you'll use in a year (based on the latest information we have about your energy use)
  • Your electricity MPAN and gas MPRN (also known as your supply numbers)
  • Your energy (whether we supply you with electricity, gas or both)
  • Your energy provider (who supplies you energy)
  • Your tariff (the name of your current tariff)
  • Payments (how you pay for your energy)
Remember to scan the QR code on your latest bill
We update your QR code any time your tariff, prices or energy use changes – or any time you change the way you pay. So please scan the code on your latest bill to get up-to-date information.