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How does the Warm Home Discount scheme work in England and Wales?

Warm Home Discount 2022/23 now closed

The Warm Home Discount Scheme has been wrapped up for another year. Letters for the Warm Home Discount 2023/24 will be sent out between October 2023 and early January 2024.


The Warm Home Discount is a £150 rebate that helps with the cost of energy during the winter. In England and Wales, it's for people on a low-income with high energy costs.

In the past, people on the Guarantee Credit element of pension credit would get their rebate automatically; everyone else had to apply to their electricity supplier.

That's now changed.

Everyone who qualifies for the Warm Home Discount in England and Wales now gets a letter from the government automatically. Noone has to apply.

If you're eligible, your letter should arrive between October 2023 and early January 2024. It will either say you're getting the rebate automatically; or it will ask you to phone a dedicated helpline to give a few more details.

Who gets the discount in England and Wales?

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