Getting a smart Pay As You Go meter

A smart PAYG meter lets you pay for your energy up front. It allows you to:

  • Take control: top up with credit as and when you want
  • Choose how you top up: top up via the app, online, over the phone, at your local PayPoint retailer – or set auto top-ups.
  • Never get caught short: set a low-balance alert to let you know when it's time to top up.

How to switch to PAYG when you already have a smart meter

We can simply switch your current smart meter to Smart Pay As You Go

Switch your meter to PAYG

How to switch to PAYG when you already have a smart meter

We can install a smart PAYG meter for you at no extra charge

Get a smart PAYG meter

Topping up when you first move in to a home with a PAYG meter

Does your new home have smart Pay As You Go meter? Give us a call, and we'll get you up and running. As soon as we've set up your account, you can start topping up.

Please don't use the previous occupier's top-up card. Your credit will go onto their account, rather than onto your meter – and so you'll run out of credit.

What happens if I run out of credit?

Your energy supply will be cut off if you run out of credit. So please get in touch before your balance drops to £0.


Call 0333 200 5110 (1)

(and select option two)


Topping up your smart Pay As You Go meter for the first time

You can start topping up your smart PAYG electricity meter as soon as you get a text to say your electricity account is up and running.

And you can start topping up your smart PAYG gas meter as soon as you get a text to say your gas account is ready.

So that's one text for electricity and another for gas, if you have both fuels.

You'll get your text(s) within 24 hours of:

  • Switching your smart meter to PAYG
  • Having a brand new PAYG meter installed
  • Asking us to set up a PAYG account for you after moving into a new home with a PAYG meter

Sometimes it'll take a little longer than 24 hours before you get you text.

Can I use any energy while I wait for my text(s)?

Of course, you can use your electricity and gas in the normal way. We'll simply take a payment for any energy you've used from your very first top up.

How to top up

What happens to the credit or debt from my old prepayment meter when I switch to PAYG?

I was with already with EDF when I changed to PAYG

Any credit or debt from your old prepayment meter will be transferred to your new Pay As You Go meter. This should take about four days. If you have an instalment plan on your old prepayment meter, we'll transfer this over too.

I've just switched to EDF from another supplier

We'll ask your old supplier to transfer your debt over to us (up to £500). If they agree, we'll take a small weekly payment from your meter towards paying off that debt when you switch.

You would need to ask your old supplier for a refund for any leftover credit (your balance starts at £0 when you switch to us).

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  1. Calls to UK wide numbers are included in any inclusive call plan you may have. If you don't have an inclusive call plan, calls are charged at a national rate. Please check with your service provider if you're unsure. 

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