Payments and billing

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Understanding your bill

What does my bill tell me?

You can scan the QR code on your bill with your smartphone to get the information you need to compare tariffs.

But make sure you scan your latest bill. We'll have updated your QR code if any details on your energy account have changed.

The QR code gives you access to the following information about your energy supply:

  • Tariff name
  • Tariff rates
  • Payment method
  • Actual or estimated annual consumption (how much gas and/or electricity you use in a year; or how much we've estimated you'll use)
  • Annual bill period dates
  • Supply number (also known as your MPAN for electricity, and MPRN for gas)

Looking for information on your personal projection.

I’m a dual fuel customer, but you’ve sent me a bill that’s only for one fuel. Why is that?

This might be because we’ve only got a meter reading for one fuel. That could happen if we couldn’t accept the meter reading for the second fuel for some reason (e.g. if it’s lower than a previous meter reading). Submit a meter reading for your other fuel.

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Estimated bills

Look for your 'Latest meter reading' on page 2 of your bill. If it has the word 'estimate' under it, your bill is estimated.

View my bill

Why is my bill estimated?

Standard (credit) meter

  • In most cases, we'll ask you for a meter reading just before we send you a bill. If we don't get your reading in time, we'll give you an estimated bill. If we get your reading before we're ready for it, we'll make your bill as accurate as possible. But there's still a portion of your energy use that we'll have to estimate.
  • If you're a Cash/Cheque (Monthly) customer, we'll send you an estimated bill two months out of three. On the third month, we'll ask you for a meter reading and will send you an accurate bill if you give us your reading.

Smart meter

  • You'll get an estimated bill on the rare occasion that your smart meter loses connection – or our network is down – just as we're about to generate your bill.
  • Your estimated bill should still be fairly accurate, as we'll have based it on recent readings from your smart meter.
  • Your next bill should bring your payments back in line with your energy use.

Prepayment and smart Pay As You Go statement and summaries

How will I receive my Energy Bills Support Scheme payments?

  • A voucher will be sent within the first two weeks of each month to redeem when you top-up at the Post Office®. ID will be required to redeem your vouchers. Full details, including expiry dates, will be provided when you receive the vouchers from the Post Office. Find your nearest Post Office

  • If someone else is doing this for you, make sure they have your ID with them before they set off to the Post Office.


If you've lost your voucher or the name is incorrectplease fill out this form, we can then get this sorted for you asap.

You can find your statements and summaries in your 'Account Activity' page of MyAccount.

View Account Activity

How often do you send me a statement and a summary?

We send you a statement and summary once a year to keep your records up to date. If you have a meter for your electricity and your gas, you'll get a separate statement and summary for each fuel.

What does my statement tell me?

Your statement helps you understand your energy use and costs over the past year, as it tells you:

  • how much money you put on your key or card over the year
  • how many times you topped up
  • your energy charges for the past year
  • how much energy you've used this year; and last year (if available)
  • details about your current tariff, and useful information to use when searching for a new energy deal.

What does my summary tell me?

Your summary is really useful when comparing prices of different tariffs, as it tells you:

  • how much energy you've used this year; and last year (if available)
  • your personal projection: this is how much we estimate you'll spend on energy over the next 12 months on your current tariff

I’ve been sent an energy bill for a previous resident. What should I do?

You can:

  • Forward it on to them directly, if you have their details
  • Contact your landlord or letting agent, if you have one
  • Put it in an envelope and send it back to us at: Freepost EDF CUSTOMER CORRESPONDENCE
    Please include their new address if you have it so we can try to contact them directly.

The meter you’re billing me for isn’t the meter at my address. What should I do?

It might be that the meter was changed at the property and we didn’t update the details at our end.

As long as it’s safe to do so, make a note of the meter’s serial number along with the details from any stickers or cards attached to it (these will often have the previous meter number, meter readings from the exchange and dates on them, which will help us see what’s changed). Then contact us so we can look into it for you. We might also ask you to send us a photo of the meter.

Can I pay for my energy quarterly?

We no longer offer quarterly billing and have moved customers from quarterly billing to monthly bills.

If we have changed your billing frequency your unit prices will not be effected by the change.


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