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Thanks for choosing EDF – it's great to have you on board.

How long does the switch process take?

This depends on whether you chose to switch after or within your cooling off period (the 14-day window during which you can cancel your contract).

Whichever option you picked, now is also a good time to make sure you’ve paid any outstanding bills with your old supplier, as it could affect your switch.

We've signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee as a promise to make your switch to EDF as easy as possible

If you chose to switch after your cooling off period

From start to finish, the switching process should take place within five working days after your cooling off period ends. (This is the 14-day period during which you can cancel your contract if you change your mind.)

We take care of the switch for you and will keep you updated on its progress. If you sign up for MyAccount, you can also track the status of your switch here too.

If you're taking both electricity and gas from us, your supplies may start on different dates, but we'll let you know either way.

If you chose to switch within your cooling off period

Your switch will take place within five working days and you'll start paying us for any energy as soon as your switch is complete.

You still get a 14-day cooling off period – and can change your mind if you want to cancel your switch to us. But remember that if we've already started supplying you with your energy, you'll need to pay us for any gas or electricity you've used in this time. Read more in cancelling my switch.

If you're taking both electricity and gas from us, your supplies may start on different dates, but we'll let you know either way.

What information will I receive?

Here's what happens when you first switch over to EDF. You'll receive:

  • a letter or email confirming your new tariff details, payment method and key dates for your diary (your cooling off period, when you should submit your first meter readings, and your expected switch date)
  • information on all the benefits, prices and terms and conditions of your new tariff
  • your contract

You'll either get this through the post, or we'll email you a link to view it online. You'll receive it by email if you've chosen to go paperless, or have signed up to an online-only tariff. If that's the case, then you'll need to register for MyAccount to view your welcome pack.

How can I keep track of my switch?

Keep up to date with the process of your switch online or in the app. There's no need to call us – just sign up for MyAccount to get started.

Do I need to let my current supplier know that I am switching to EDF?

No, we will contact your current supplier on your behalf and advise them of your switch date.

Meter readings

When do I send my first meter reading?

Your welcome pack will tell you when to give us your first meter reading/s, but generally:

  • It's best to give us your opening meter readings within 5 days of your switch date, or on the day you become responsible for your new home, if you're moving home.
  • If you can't manage on the day, you'll get another five days to submit your readings.
  • After five days, we'll have to estimate your opening readings.

If you've got a smart meter, we'll automatically take your opening meter reading directly from your meter. You don't need to do anything! If we have any trouble connecting with your meter, we'll use an estimate for your opening reading.

Check out our guidance if you need help with how to read and submit readings for your meters. And remember, only read your meters if it's safe to do so – get in touch with us if you think it's unsafe.

Why might you use an estimated meter reading?

If you submit your meter reading/s too early or too late, we have to agree an estimated reading with your previous supplier. We'll also replace your opening meter reading with an estimate if the reading you gave looks wrong. Your first EDF bill will be based on this estimated reading.

This might happen if you made a mistake when reading your meter. Don't worry - you'll still be able to give us an accurate reading the next time we check in with you. Check out how to read your meter.

We also use information from your previous provider to validate your opening meter readings. This helps us check that your readings are in line with your historic data. If your reading fails this validation, we'll use an estimate instead.

Can I challenge the opening meter reading you've used?

Estimates are based on your historic data and energy use, so are usually very accurate. But if the estimate we use is significantly different to what you think your reading should be, you can challenge this.

You'll need to give us two meter readings seven days apart. We'll use these to recalculate your estimate.

It usually takes around three weeks for a challenge to be resolved. We'll update your EDF account with your new readings once they're agreed between us and your old provider. You'll also get an updated final bill from your old provider. Get in touch if you need to challenge an estimated opening meter reading.

Why can't I submit my opening meter reading?

Don't worry! You might not be able to submit your opening meter reading if:

  • We're not ready for it yet!
    We'll let you know by email and in MyAccount when we're ready for your reading. It'll usually be one or two days before your switch date.
  • You have a smart meter
    We'll automatically take your reading directly from the meter. Once we've taken it, you won't be able to manually submit a reading.
  • We're supplying you with two fuels
    Sometimes there's a short period of time when we're ready for the reading for one fuel but not the other. If you try again 24 hours after we first asked for the reading, you should be able to send them both with no problem.

    If you have two different switch dates, we'll let you know when we're ready for the reading for each fuel. This might mean that you can't submit both readings at the same time.
  • You've missed the meter read window
    We need to add an opening meter reading to your account within five days of your switch. If we don't get your reading in time, we'll agree an estimate with your old provider. You won't be able to submit a meter reading while we're working on this. Don't worry, you can still give us an accurate reading next time we check in with you.

Problems with your switch

Why have I received a letter to state my current supplier has objected to my supply switching to EDF?

If you speak to your current supplier, they can tell you why they raised an objection. There are various reasons why a supplier might object to a supply switching.

Due to strict data protection rules, this is something your previous supplier will need to discuss with you. When the objection has been resolved, we will be happy to restart the switching of your supply.

We will automatically reapply for your supply 3 times before the switching process is cancelled. After this time a new supply contract would need to be agreed.

My old supplier has said they are waiting for you to send them their final meter reading?

When you switch to or from EDF we need to agree to the same meter reading with your new / old supplier. This is so we can bill you correctly and keep the usage running in line between suppliers.

If you have provided us with your opening meter reading to start your supply with us, this will be sent to your old supplier so you don't need to contact them.

What should I do if I haven't received my final bill from my old supplier?

For the agreed date you switched supplier to us we will send the meter reading(s) you've given us to your old supplier. Once we have agreed these meter readings with your previous supplier they will use them to close your account and we will use the same reading(s) to start your account with us.

Your previous supplier should send your final bill to settle any outstanding balance you have with them. This whole process can take up to 6 weeks.

Failure to provide actual meter readings when requested will mean estimated readings may be used between the two suppliers.

Managing your account

How do I manage my account?

Once you receive your welcome letter, you’ll be able to set up your MyAccount. Please remember to use the same email address you gave us when you signed up to your account.

MyAccount allows you to track the progress of your account set-up, and manage your account securely at any time - have a look all the things you can do using MyAccount.

You can also access MyAccount on the EDF app.

Your supply start date

When will my energy supply start?

We'll let you know once your account set-up is complete, and when we will start supplying your energy.

From there, we’ll be in touch when it’s time to give us your meter readings, or if we need anything else from you.

Until then, just sit back and relax! And don't forget - you can track the status of your switch in MyAccount online or on the EDF app.

Sometimes your switch might take longer than we've anticipated. For example, if your current supplier objects to you leaving them. If this happens we'll keep you up to date throughout – and let you know if you need to do anything.

Cancelling my switch

If you want to cancel your switch to us, you should let us know straightaway. What happens next depends on whether we've started supplying you with energy or not.

If we haven't yet started supplying you with energy – and you're still within your 14-day cooling off period

Just sit back and relax – you don't need to do anything. You'll stay put with your current supplier and we'll take care of the cancellation for you. We'll be back in touch to let you know when it's done.

If we've already started supplying you with energy and you’re still within your 14-day cooling off period

You have three options to choose from:

1. Stay with EDF and upgrade your energy plan

If you want to do this, simply:

• Get in touch via WhatsApp, Text or Chat

• Or give us a call on 0333 009 7114.

2. Go back to your previous energy supplier

Please contact your previous supplier if you’d like to switch back to them. You should go back on equivalent terms and conditions.

3. Choose a new energy supplier

Please choose a new tariff with another supplier. You'll have a new energy plan, contract and terms and conditions.

We'll also write to you to let you know about these options. While you decide what to do, you'll stay on the tariff you chose when you joined EDF and you'll need to cover the cost of any energy you use during your time with us.

You have 15 working days to make a decision from when we get in touch with you about your cancellation.

If you don't pick one of these three options or we don't hear from you in this time, you'll stay with EDF and move onto our deemed tariff. This means your energy prices can go up or down. You can check what our deemed prices are in the letter we send you outlining your choices.


Cancelling my switch to a new supplier

If you decide to stay with us, we’ll make the cancellation process as easy as possible and keep you updated every step of the way.

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