1. Your energy prices have gone up

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We understand that the rising cost of living is making things difficult for everyone. Please go to our support page to find out what help you can get if you're struggling to pay.

It can be quite a shock when you get a high energy bill – especially when you weren't expecting it. To help you understand why your bill is so high this time round, have a look at some of the things that could have happened.

This information is for customers who pay by cash, card or cheque, or by Direct Debit Whole Amount (exact monthly payments).

I pay by Budget Direct Debit (regular monthly payments)

1. Your energy prices have gone up

Your bill will usually go up when your prices rise. That's because you're paying more for every unit of energy you use – and possibly a higher daily standing charge too.

Everyone on a standard variable tariff saw a sharp price rise on 1 April 2022. The price of a new fixed tariff is also much higher than ever before. This is due to high costs in the energy market.
Many people are now taking steps to cut their energy use. Get energy-saving tips that can help you keep your energy bills down.

2. You're using more energy

Has anything changed since your last bill? Maybe someone new has moved in; you're now working from home; it's been really cold outside; you have a new electrical appliance, or an old one is faulty.

There are many reasons why you might be using more energy. And when you use more energy, your energy bills will go up.

3. Your last bill(s) was based on estimated meter readings

Did you give us a meter reading just before your latest bill? That's great, it allows us to bill you for the energy you've used.

How about the bills before that? Did we get your meter reading, or did we have to use an estimated reading?

If we used an estimate, that might explain why your latest bill might seem extra high. If you've been using more energy than we expected, your previous bills would have been too low.

That means your latest bill will be for all the energy you've just used – and for all the energy we didn't bill you for in your previous estimated bill(s).

I have a smart meter – why was my bill estimated?

4. We've used the wrong meter reading

Think you might have given us the wrong meter reading; or that we've used the wrong reading?

Find out by looking at the meter reading shown on your bill. Then take today's meter reading.

If there's a big difference, we might have used the wrong reading to work out your bill, which could be why it's so high.

Please get in touch before your bill becomes overdue. Just give us another meter reading, and ask us to cancel your old bill and give you a new one.

5. Your bill is for a longer period than normal

Sometimes we'll cancel an old bill and replace it with a new one. Maybe you corrected a meter reading, and asked us to give you a new bill?

If that's the case, your first bill covered your normal billing period (i.e. one or three months).

Your replacement bill covers your normal billing period plus all the energy you used up until your last meter reading.

That's why your replacement bill will seem higher than normal.

6. Your meter's not working

Meters are usually very reliable, but on very rare occasions they can go wrong. If you think your meter is faulty please get in touch and let us know what the problem is.

But it's a good idea to check if you have a big bill for any other reason:

  • Your energy prices have gone up
  • You're using more energy
  • Your last bill(s) was estimated
  • We've used the wrong meter reading

I’m not happy with my energy prices. What can I do?

There are lots of reasons for the energy price rises. By far the most significant is the global gas crisis, which has been triggered by rising demand and restricted gas imports from countries like Russia. This has driven up gas and electricity prices in countries all over the world, including in Britain. 

The bill increases we are seeing here are a consequence of this global trend. Ofgem sets the price cap to reflect the cost of buying energy, and our own variable tariffs are priced to be competitive, reflecting what it costs to supply our customers the energy they use

We continue to work with the government to find viable solutions for those customers most in need this winter. 

A complaint about energy prices is not a legitimate reason to withhold payment. However, if you’re having difficulties paying, please let us know so we can talk through the ways we can help you.

What actions you can take?

  • Our Standard (Variable) tariff remains our cheapest price at this time, and you don't need to do anything to keep these prices
  • Direct Debit is the cheapest way to pay your energy bills

 Check your tariff and payment method to make sure you’re on the best energy plan for you.

If you’re struggling to pay, please don’t cancel your Direct Debit or stop paying

We’re here to help you, find out all the support that is available.


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