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Cavity wall and loft insulation



All questions must be answered, unless marked (Optional)

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Loft insulation questions
Where was the lead generated?
Current insulation

If a customer answers that their existing insulation is more than 200mm then you'll need to also answer the question about how accessible the loft space is to carry onto the cavity wall questions.

Is there any existing loft insulation present?
Is the loft space easily accessible?

Customer advice

Advise the customer their property is not suitable for loft insulation. And ask the customer if they want to continue to cavity wall questions.

Customer advice

Advise the customer their property may not be suitable for loft insulation. But carry on with the loft insulation questions.

Is the head height ok for loft insulation
Is the head height more than 1.4 meters at the apex of the roof?

Customer advice

Proceed but warn the customer that the installer may not be able to install loft insulation.

Loft storage
Is the loft used for storage?

Customer advice

Advise the customer that there will be an extra charge for loft clearance.

Adviser action

Carry on with the questions

Damp loft
Are there any signs of damp in the loft space?

Customer advice

Advise the customer a survey is required to determine the best course of action.However we'll carry on with the questions.

Water tank
Do you have a water tank in the loft space?
Size of loft space
Do you know the m2 of the loft space?