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Thanks for your interest in our trial

Here's what happens next

What happens now?

We'll need to do a few checks to ensure we can set you up on our trial so you can get the most out of it and access the savings. This will take around five working days. Once you've been set up, you'll see your new rates in MyAccount.

Good to know

  • Our Heat Pump Tracker tariff provides a pricing model that is flexible and adjusts to Ofgem's Price Cap, which is influenced by wholesale energy costs. This means that unit rates are reviewed every three months and may change, but any change in Ofgem's Price Cap will have the 10p discount applied to it. Rest assured, we will notify you in advance of any upcoming price changes, so you don't need to worry
  • Please note that the 10p discount will only apply to the regional standard tariff unit rate, not the daily standing charge. The discount will remain in effect for the duration of the tariff
  • There are no exit fees or tie-ins, so if our Heat Pump Tracker tariff doesn't work for you, you can switch to another supplier or tariff anytime

How to save the most

After signing up for our trial, your savings will be automatic. Boost your heat pump during the cheap rate times to save even more!

  • Turn on your water heater during the off-peak hours to take advantage of the cheaper electricity rates
  • Boost your heating. Set your thermostat at a higher rate when it is cheaper. This means your heat pump will do less work the rest of the day

We'll be in touch soon!