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Smart meter installation questions

Before we get your address details we have a couple of questions that will help us when we come to install your smart meter. Please answer them all unless they're not mandatory then we can make sure our smart meter installers have all the information they need to make your install goes as smoothly as possible.

Do you need a constant energy supply?
We need to know if there is medical equipment that you need to keep running or other reasons why you would need a constant electricity supply whilst we install your smart meter.
What type of meter do you currently have?
In the last 12 months has an engineer from an energy supplier tried and failed to install a smart meter in your home?
Where is the meter located?
Is one of more of your meter(s) more that 2.1 meters (7ft) above floor lever?
Do you produce your own electricity?
Is there any parking or access information we need to know about?
Do you need any extra support from a relative, friend or nominated representative?