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The FIT ID for the relevant installation can be found on your email or letter reminder e.g. FIT01234567-1
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Please note If you're responsible for more than one generation meter, you may need to fill out the form multiple times, ensuring you add the relevant Feed-in Tariff (FiT) ID number each time. The FiT ID can be found on your email or letter reminder.
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  1. I have read and understood the photograph criteria and have attached a true and accurate image of my generation meter
  2. The photograph image of the attached photo has not been altered or edited in any way
  3. The date of the photo taken is correct for the attached photo
  4. I understand that if any of the information I submit is incorrect or conflicts I may be asked to re-submit another photo
  5. I understand if the attached photo is altered and edited in any way, EDF reserves the right to investigate and notify Ofgem in accordance with the agreed Statement of Terms. EDF will be obliged to suspend Feed-in payments pending the outcome of any investigations as per section 6.4 of the statement of terms.
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