Can't decide which energy supplier is best for you?

Here are just some of the great reasons to switch to EDF Energy;

  • We have four simple tariffs to choose from – from a low fixed price to the security of a longer term fix, or an easy budget fixed prepay tariff.
  • You'll find the same price online as on the phone or with an aggregator
  • You’ll always speak to a UK call centre, and we offer a Live Chat service too
  • Want to join us? Just give us a few details and we'll handle the switching process for you...

Switching online is simple and convenient, letting you compare tariffs and find the best one for you in minutes.

EDF Energy's promise

Transparency has never been more important in the energy industry. That's why EDF Energy makes pledges and then ensures you see how we've delivered on them

There are the big things, like leading the decarbonisation of the UK electricity sector, and setting a goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 60% by 2020.

For the customers on our Blue tariffs, we also promise to match every unit you use with electricity generated from low-carbon nuclear sources.(1) For all of these reasons, we’re confident we can meet your energy needs with our tariff range.