What is economy 10 electricity?

Economy 10 is a way to save money on your electricity bill by taking advantage of a lower ‘off-peak’ rate. As the name suggests, Economy 10 gives you a cheaper tariff for ten hours in each 24 hour period.

You can take advantage of the Economy 10 rate (also known as a differential tariff) by running appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer during these off-peak periods.

Like other differential tariffs, Economy 10 can be used with storage heaters - building up heat during the off peak hours that to be used at other times.

Help & advice

What are the Economy 10 times?

This is where it gets slightly complex. The off-peak hours are unlikely to be a single continual period. Depending on where you live and the time of year, the tariff could break down into three off-peak afternoon hours (eg 1PM - 4PM), two in the evening (eg 8PM - 10PM) and then five overnight (eg midnight - 5AM). As you can see, to take advantage of the off-peak tariff, you have to be organised and know exactly when to run your appliances because the peak time tariff can be quite a lot higher.

What does an Economy 10 meter look like?

An Economy 10 meter shows two or more rates that allow you to manage your energy use according to when you’re home and when tariffs are lowest. An Economy 10 meter is one example of a 'complex meter'. Others include Economy 9, Heatwise, Warmwise and Weathercall.

Is Economy 10 available from EDF Energy?

While we don’t have a tariff called "Economy 10", we do offer a range of tariffs designed to suit different customer needs.

Find out more about all the different types of tariffs we offer on our tariffs page