Why install electric storage heating?

  • Easy to install or replace existing electric storage heaters
  • Reduced heating bills
  • Highly effective where you can't install traditional gas, oil or solid fuel systems


How do I get started?

We all like to reduce our heating costs and one way is to use energy during cheaper rate periods with an off-peak tariff. You can fit electric storage heaters to take advantage of these lower energy prices - then use that power whenever you need it.

Find out more or call Help-Link on 0808 281 8687 for further information.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Installation by a qualified engineer
  • Product warranties (2 year product warranty and one year installation warranty)

Don’t get caught out – protect your heating

Safeguard your boiler, radiator, controls, thermostats and heating system, with Heating Protect.

Don't blow a fuse - protect your wiring

Wiring Protect safeguards your home's permanently installed wiring against most common problems. Electricians from Intana are on call 24/7.