Employees as customers - frequently asked questions

I’m happy to opt out of receiving the free Zingy. What happens to him now?

Tick the box to opt out of the free Zingy toy and we will donate it to our charity partner Marie Curie Cancer Care.  Marie Curie will give all donated Zingys to children who come into their hospices to visit family or friends who are terminally ill; to help them feel reassured and offer them comfort at this difficult time.

I’m an existing customer but I can’t action my product change through MyAccount. How can I sign up to a Blue tariff?

We are aware of some issues with the new MyAccount platform and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Please re-register your account as this should resolve the query.  If you are still experiencing problems, we offer a dedicated Live Chat service (when you log in from home).  Alternatively please send the details to the MPSteam mailbox, and someone will contact you to talk through the quote and terms and conditions and, if requested, sign you up to your chosen product

I’m a new customer but I can’t get through on the weblink to sign up/go through a quote. 

Please contact our colleagues at 2Touch on 0800 5872260 where they’ll take you through the quote and buy process.

Am I eligible to save the additional £48 a year?

All EDF Energy employees managed by EDF Energy payroll are eligible to register from the date they join the company and become a customer.  Agency workers, contractors and those not on the EDF Energy payroll cannot register. The saving is applicable on all tariffs and meter types – however, it will only be applied once per employee (not each fuel). You can benefit yourself, or alternatively gift it to a friend or family member’s energy account. It can only be applied to EDF Energy Dual Fuel or EDF Energy Electricity only accounts, where there is no mains gas at the property.

If you are eligible, please send your details, including name, address, account number and employee number to the MPSteam mailbox and ask for this to be added to your account.  This will be applied from the date requested.

I would like to nominate my additional £48 a year to a friend or family member. How do I go about this?

Contact the MPSteam mailbox and ask them to apply this.  You will need to provide them with your payroll number and the address you would like this applied to.

How do I know if I’m benefiting from the additional £48 a year off my energy bills?

You should see a Standing Charge Correction credit applied to your bill.  Alternatively email the MPSteam mailbox and ask them to verify this.  You will need to provide them with your payroll number, account details and address.

I am supplied by EDF Energy at more than one address; can I apply for more than one Zingy?

No, each eligible employee may only claim for Zingy once, irrespective of the number of products you receive.

I’m happy to opt out of receiving the free Zingy, what happens to him now?

Tick the box to opt out of the free Zingy toy and we will donate it to our charity partner Marie Curie Cancer Care.

I’ve applied for my Zingy toy. When and how am I likely to receive this?

Zingy will be sent to the home address we hold on our records for you, which aligns with your employee payroll ID and where you received your letter. Zingy will be delivered by second class post within 28 days from the date you submit your form.

My partner and I are both EDF Energy permanent employees and benefitting from the additional £48 a year (one to existing address and other has been gifted to family). Can we both claim for the Zingy toy?

Yes, please complete the form for each eligible employee.  If your £48 is gifted to friends or family, this does not mean that they are eligible for the Zingy toy.

My Zingy is faulty. What do I do?

In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty Zingy, please notify us as soon as possible (confirming details of the fault) and please send the faulty Zingy via the internal post to the Comms Production Team, 329 Portland Road, Hove, Sussex, BN3 5SU within 28 days of receipt.  Further information can be found in the T&C’s on the website.

Can I sell my Zingy?

No – please remember that the Zingy plush toy is for our employees only and not to be forwarded on or sold.

When does the campaign close?

The campaign closes on 12 December 2014, so please ensure you complete the online form for your Zingy by this date.

Why do I have to provide my email address?

Your email address will be used to validate your entry alongside the other details you provide.  We may also contact you in relation to this campaign if there are any issues.