What is Radbot?

Radbot’s a totally new way to control your heating. It learns how you use different rooms in your home and automatically changes the heating to match. So it won’t heat empty rooms, saving energy and money. It’s simple to install as well – just replace your existing radiator valves with Radbot. No need for an engineer, wi-fi, apps or a smart thermostat. Install, set and forget.

How it works

You can install Radbot on any radiator that has thermostatic radiator valves. Just unscrew the old valve and screw on the Radbot. That’s it.

Where to use it

Radbot responds to people coming and going. So you should install it in the rooms you use the most to get the highest savings. That’s because it learns how you use the room, then adjusts the heat to match. 

Will Radbot definitely work with my heating system?

Radbot works with all gas or oil central heating systems and all radiators. It doesn’t work with electric storage heaters or heat pumps.

Which rooms should I install Radbot in?

Install it in the busiest rooms in your house – such as the living room, kitchen, children's bedrooms, and so on. Make sure it isn’t hidden behind radiator covers, curtains or furniture.

Will I need a plumber or engineer to install Radbot?

If you have thermostatic radiator valves, then no – it’s easy to install Radbot yourself. You just unscrew the existing valve and replace it with Radbot. If you don’t (i.e. if the valves on your radiator don’t have a numbered scale on them), you’ll need to get a plumber to change your valves before you can use Radbot.

What’s a thermostatic radiator valve?

With a thermostatic radiator valve (also called a TRV), you set the valve to the temperature you’d like a room to be. The valve then changes the flow of hot water to the radiator until it reaches that temperature. TRVs usually have a numbered scale around the top which you change by hand.   

How long does the Radbot battery last?

Each Radbot valve uses two 1.5V (LR6) AA alkaline batteries and they last around two years. You can easily change them yourself when it's needed.