With monthly Budget Direct Debit you know exactly what you will be paying for your energy every month of the year. It’s better value too – because you’ll get a lower unit rate.

Smoothing out the highs and lows

It’s normal for you to be in credit during the summer months when you use less energy. This in turn can be used towards the extra energy you use in the winter.

So, whether it snows or shines, you should pay the same amount each month throughout the year. And if your payment needs to go either up or down, then we’ll tell you at your next account review.

While keeping a healthy balance

By spreading payments over a year and agreeing a set amount to pay every month, you always know what you’re paying and when.

You can forget the hassle

You don’t have to remember to pay your bill – going through all the bother of arranging to pay by cash or cheque. And you won’t have to join the queue at the bank or post office. Instead, an agreed amount will be taken from your account each month on the date of your choice.

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