Could we save you money?

Are you on the right prepayment tariff?

Check you are on the best prepayment tariff. You'll need to Log in or register for MyAccount and then click "change tariff" to see how much you can save. If you have another fuel which we don’t supply, why not bring it over to us and have all of your energy in one place?

Top tips on saving energy

We have lots of no-cost and low-cost ways to save energy at home. What’s also great is they’re quick and easy to put into action.

Did you know we also offer help…

Increasing income

We want to make sure our customers are getting everything they’re eligible for and that their income is maximised to its full potential. So to check there aren’t any state benefits or tax credits you’re missing out on we’ve teamed up with IncomeMax.

Managing money

We’re working with Citizens Advice Plymouth to give our customers across the country independent advice to help them manage their money, including help prioritising all sorts of bills and supporting customers to identify all options for improving their situation.