Improving access for deaf and visually impaired people's needs

We are proud to be supporting deafPLUS. Our help improves the support available to those who are deaf and visually impaired ensuring social and economic barriers are dismantled. 

deafPLUS are a registered charity who specialise in supporting those with hearing impairments. Their vision is to create an accessible world for deaf people, with barriers to participation and opportunity being removed.
They offer a range of support including providing information, advocacy and personalised support packages that facilitates deaf people’s engagement with participation in society, choosing the most appropriate equipment to meet their needs and supporting those who wish to start their own businesses providing skills and training.

A wide range of services are available including their Advice Line and useful online support tools. They also provide training to individuals or groups who want to develop their skills to communicate more effectively with deaf people using British Sign Language (BSL).

To learn more please visit their website and join us in supporting this important and vital service.​