Supporting those in need through the provision of essential skills.

Framework is a charity that delivers housing, health, employment, support and care services to people with a diverse range of needs . We are proud to have worked with Framework and the work they are doing to help their service users learn new skills. We provided a user-friendly smart module for the new training centre. The module supports and educates users, about the benefits of using a smart meter and how to be energy efficient. It shows the change in energy usage in pounds and pence when interacting with virtual appliances.

Jacob Ward, Training Centre Manager, recently shared the following feedback. “The EDF Energy smart module is a fantastic addition to the Survival Skills for the Home curriculum. We use it each day of delivery and it serves many purposes throughout the 6-week intervention. We use it to show learners how to take meter readings using like for like equipment in a safe and secure way.
It is also used to better understand how energy-demanding, common appliances are in the home. Where it shines is its ability to show how much energy users have saved by attending the course on each day that they attend. The Smart Module helps our learners by providing an easy to understand the interpretation of energy consumption in the home which is a very powerful tool in helping our learners manage their own energy usage"