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Why is my gas supply taking longer to switch to EDF when I signed up for dual fuel?

The gas industry is going through a major change programme between 23 May and 06 June 2017. This change affects all gas suppliers and as a result you’ll experience a slight delay to your gas switch.


What does this mean for me?

Your electricity and gas supply will remain uninterrupted during the transition from your previous supplier to us. As the industry change only affects gas, your electricity switch will take place as normal without a delay.


We’ll send you a letter to confirm the supply start dates for your electricity and gas contracts, and we’ll ask that you give us meter readings. Just so you’re aware, the letter will state that the period you have to provide a meter read for gas ends before the supply start date shown in the letter. However this isn’t the case. You’ll be able to give us your gas meter read up to five working days after the gas supply start date stated in the letter.

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