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Why is my bill estimated?

It's better for you and us if we can give you an accurate bill, but sometimes we need to give you an estimated bill – for example:

  • we didn't get a meter reading from you, so we don't know how much energy you've used
  • we didn't get your meter reading at the right time
  • your smart meter didn't send us your reading when we needed it.

We use previous meter readings, or the information you gave us when you first joined us, to make your estimated bill as accurate as possible.

How can I tell if my bill is estimated?

Look for your 'Latest meter reading' on page 2 of your bill. If it has the word 'estimate' under it, your bill is estimated.

I gave you a meter reading, so why is my bill estimated?

It's important to give us your meter readings when we ask you for them – it's the only way we can bill you accurately for the energy you've used.

  • If your reading comes in too late, we'll have already generated an estimated bill for you.
  • If you give us a reading too soon after your last bill, you won't get another bill immediately. So we have to ask you for another reading to get your latest energy use when your next bill is due. If we don't get it on time, you'll get an estimated bill.

Any meter readings you give us are always helpful, though, as they allow us to make your next estimated bill as accurate as possible.

I have a smart meter, why have you estimated my bill?

We need an up-to-date meter reading to be able to give you an accurate bill – and we need it just as we're generating your bill.

So if your meter hasn't sent a reading at the right time, you could still get an estimated bill – for example:

  • Your latest reading didn't coincide with the date we generated your latest bill – this only happens if your meter sends monthly meter readings. Find out how to get your meter to send half-hourly or daily readings.
  • Just like your mobile phone, your smart meter occasionally loses connection. It can't send its readings without a connection.
  • Our network connection has been down temporarily to allow us to upgrade our smart meter software. Your smart meter can't send its readings without a connection.

Whatever the reason for your estimated bill, it should still be fairly accurate. We'll have based it on the recent readings we've had from your smart meter.

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