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Why is my bill estimated?

I have a standard (credit) meter

  • In most cases, we'll ask you for a meter reading just before we send you a bill. If we don't get your reading, we'll give you an estimated bill. 
  • But if you're a Cash/Cheque (Monthly) customer, we'll send you an estimated bill two months out of three. On the third month, we'll ask you for a meter reading and will send you an accurate bill if you give us your reading.

I have a smart meter

  • You'll get an estimated bill on the rare occasion that your smart meter loses connection – or our network is down – just as we're about to generate your bill.
  • Your estimated bill should still be fairly accurate, as we'll have based it on recent readings from your smart meter.
  • Your next bill should bring your payments back in line with your energy use.

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