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Why have you taken more than one Direct Debit payment in the same month?

Direct Debit is designed to spread your energy cost evenly over 12 months. But occasionally, we may need to take more than one payment in a month.

There are two possible reasons for this:

1. The timing of your Direct Debit set-up
2. You had an outstanding balance on your account when you set up your Direct Debit

Don't worry, you will only ever pay for the energy you use.

1. The timing of your Direct Debit set-up

Generally, we’ll take your Direct Debit on, or shortly after, your chosen monthly payment date. However, your first payment may be different.

Direct Debit rules state that we have to give 14 days’ notice when requesting payments from your bank. So if your chosen payment date is less than 14 days away from setting up your Direct Debit, we can’t take the first payment on your chosen day.

In this case, we'll take the payment as close to your chosen date as possible after the 14 days. Your next payment is then taken on your chosen date. Depending on the timing, this might mean your first payment falls within the same month as your second.

If we didn't do this, you would only make 11 payments in the year, instead of 12, and your monthly payments would be higher as a result.

2. An outstanding balance on your account

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, we’ll debit this from your bank account when we first set up your Direct Debit (unless you’ve agreed a payment plan to pay off the balance).

The payment of your outstanding balance is in addition to your 12 monthly Direct Debit payment amounts for the coming year. This means that two payments will come out of your bank account during the first month of your Direct Debit arrangement with us.

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