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Who is Amazon Alexa and what is an Alexa skill?

Alexa is Amazon’s Voice Service, accessed through Amazon Echo. After the set up process, you simply say the word ‘Alexa’ and Echo will light up and Alexa will respond. You can change this 'wake word' to either 'Amazon' or 'Echo'. Alexa can help you with music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, as well as providing weather, traffic and other real-time information.

What’s a skill?

Alexa skills are like apps. You can enable and disable skills, using the Alexa app or a web browser, in the same way that you install and uninstall apps on your smart phone or tablet. Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. You can add Alexa skills to your Echo to bring products and services to life. You can view available skills and enable or disable them using your Alexa app.

Where do I find my skills?

You'll find all the skills on your Alexa app. If you're looking for the EDF Energy Alexa skill to complete the account linking process, type 'EDF Energy' in the search box. You can then follow the account linking process. Account has been linked, but can't find the EDF Energy Alexa skill? In your Alexa app visit 'My Skills' and search for 'EDF Energy' there.

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