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What prepayment tariffs can I get?


  • You can find your best prepayment tariff options at Change Tariff in MyAccount (you'll need to sign in to MyAccount, or register first). If you see a deal you like, you can change tariffs in just a few clicks.
  • If you don't have MyAccount, or you're not an EDF Energy customer, you can still get an online quote for all the best tariffs available to you. Simply fill in a few details to compare your options, and if you see a deal you like, you can get a new tariff in just a few clicks.
  • You can also compare the prices and benefits of all our prepayment tariffs on our Tariff Information Label (TIL) page.

What prepayment tariff am I on now?

You can find your tariff details and prices in MyAccount (you'll need to sign in or register). Or take a look at your contract or annual prepayment statement.

How can I check if I'm on the best prepayment tariff?

You can find out if you're on the best tariff at Change tariff in MyAccount (you'll need to sign in or register). You'll be able to compare the benefits of each tariff, and see if it would be cheaper to switch to a different tariff.

My prepayment tariff is coming to an end – what to I do?

You’ll probably want to choose a new tariff so that you can get our best possible deal. If you don't choose a new tariff, you'll move onto our Standard (Variable) tariff.

Find your tariff details and prices in MyAccount (you'll need to sign in or register)

If you don't want to sign up for MyAccount, just give us a few details to get a quote for a new tariff.

How do I get my new prices once I've changed tariff?

Existing customers
Once you get confirmation that you've changed tariff, you'll usually get your new tariff prices the first time you top up and insert your key/card in your meter.

New customers
You'll get your new tariff prices once your switch is complete, and you start using your new EDF Energy prepayment key/card. We'll send you a letter to confirm that your switch is complete.

What is the prepayment tariff cap?

The prepayment tariff cap (also known as the 'safeguard tariff') is the highest unit price that any energy company can charge prepayment meter customers. Ofgem sets the tariff cap, and reviews it in April and October each year.

Will my tariff price change because of the prepayment tariff cap?

If you're on our prepayment Standard (Variable) tariff, your prices might go up or down in line with any change to the prepayment tariff cap.

We'll never increase the price of your fixed-price tariff, but we would reduce it to keep it below the tariff cap if necessary.

We'll always write to let you know if your prices are going to change.