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What is the prepayment tariff cap?


  • The prepayment tariff cap limits the amount you can be charged for each unit of gas and electricity, and standing charge, for prepayment meter customers. It's also known as the 'safeguard tariff'.
  • Ofgem reviews the level of the tariff cap in April and October. This means the cap can go up or down twice a year.
  • If you're on our prepayment Standard (Variable) tariff, your prices might go up or down in line with any change to the prepayment tariff cap. The energy price caps limit the amount you pay per unit of electricity and gas, and standing charges, not the amount of energy you use. 
  • We'll never increase the price of your fixed-price tariff, but we would reduce it to keep it below the tariff cap, if necessary.
  • We'll always write to let you know if your prices are going to increase.