What is an online-only tariff (e.g. Easy Online)?

Our online-only tariffs, like Easy Online, give you a low-cost energy deal, because you do everything online.

That means you:

  • manage your account entirely online in MyAccount
  • get support by Chat, WhatsApp or SMS (no call centre)
  • get your bill notifications and updates by email and text
  • pay by Direct Debit

All our tariffs are also backed by zero carbon electricity [1] – compare all our tariffs.

How can I get an online tariff?

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Compare all our tariffs

[1] All our residential and small business tariffs are backed by 100% zero carbon nuclear electricity, with the exception of our EV tariff which is backed with renewables. See our product table for more information at https://www.edfenergy.com/fuel-mix

UK Fuel Mix disclosure information, published by the Government (BEIS) recognises electricity from wind, solar and nuclear fuel produces zero carbon dioxide emissions at the point of generation.

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