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What is my regular payment amount – and how do you set it (Direct Debit Whole Amount Quarterly)?

When you sign up for Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly), we set a regular payment amount for you.

This is the amount that will come out of your bank if you don't give us the quarterly meter reading we ask for.

Here's how we work out your regular payment amount:

  1. We estimate how much energy you'll use over a year, based on your past meter readings (if we've never had a meter reading from you, we'll use the latest information we have about your energy use).

  2. We work out how much your estimated annual use will cost you.

  3. We divide your estimated annual cost by four to get your quarterly payment amount.

Keeping your regular payment amount up to date

We'll review your regular payment amount from time to time to keep it in line with your latest energy use.


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