What happens to my BoilerCare Gold protection (through D&G) if I leave my Easy Online BoilerCare tariff early?

If you change supplier or tariff your BoilerCare Gold Plan will still continue, unless you contact Domestic & General to cancel it.

You may cancel the plan at any time. We may give a refund if we collect payment in advance. For the first 6 months we will not charge for any repairs or services provided. After this if repairs have been given then no refund will be due and we may charge for the repair but this will be capped at the total plan fee. If you notify us prior to the tariff end-date that you no longer live at the property in question, you will not be able to transfer your BoilerCare Gold Plan to your new home. Your BoilerCare Gold Plan will come to an end when you move.

If you’d like to cancel your BoilerCare Gold Plan, you can get in touch with D&G.

Call D&G
0800 497 0707

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