What is EDF doing to help during the Energy Crisis?

You've seen that wholesale energy prices continue to increase. This means that any customers on variable tariffs will see an increase in their bills from April. We’ve pulled together some key information to help you with the questions you may have on the energy market below.

If you’re worried about paying for your energy

We don’t want anyone turning off their lights or heating because they're worried about paying their bills. We're here to support you if you need help to pay your energy bills or manage your debt.

Government schemes and benefits

You may be eligible for the beow grants and benefits if you have; reached state pension age, have a disability, have no income or a low income or have missed payments to your energy supplier. Read more about the grants on the govermental webistes linked to below. 

Top questions about energy tariffs and what to do

Top questions about the Ofgem price cap


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