What do you plan to do with nuclear waste and spent fuel produced by Hinkley point C?

EDF will store the nuclear waste and spent fuel produced by Hinkley Point C on the power station site during the 60 year operational period. At the end of generation, and as part of the 20 year process of decommissioning, the intermediate level waste (ILW) is expected to be transported off the site and disposed of to a national Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The spent fuel will remain on site until it has cooled sufficiently to allow it to be disposed of to the GDF, which may be around 50 years after the end of generation. 

At the end of the decommissioning period, EDF will make a payment to the Government to cover the remaining costs of the storage and disposal to the GDF. Ownership of the spent fuel will then transfer to the Government who will continue to look after it on the Hinkley Point Site.

The full costs of decommissioning, waste management and waste disposal will be paid for by EDF through its Funded Decommissioning Programme. This means money will be paid into an independent Fund Company over the lifetime of the station to meet these costs. The money is held separately from EDF and the Government and can only be used to meet the decommissioning and waste liabilities.

More detail on the Funded Decommissioning Programme and the management of radioactive wastes from new build power stations can be found on the DECC website.


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