What to do if your smart meter suddenly stops working

Has your energy supply suddenly cut off around 11am? Maybe even after you’ve just topped up with credit?

This can happen if you ran out of credit during the night, on a Sunday or on a bank holiday. It can be hard to top up at these times, so we don’t cut you off immediately. But you will get disconnected if you still have no credit at 11am the next day.

But I added credit to my meter – so why did I still get cut off?

Did you add enough credit to cover the cost the energy you used during the ‘non-disconnection’ period – and for any standing charge or instalment plan payments you missed? We automatically take a payment for this ‘debt’ as soon as you next top up.

What do I have to do get switched back on?

You simply have to top up by enough to pay for any debt that’s been added to your meter – and enough to pay for your ongoing energy use.

Once you’ve done that, you can switch your meter back on!

Find out how to get reconnected 

How to make sure you never run out of credit

Find out when the non-disconnection times run

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