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What do I need to know about the Easy Online tariff?

Easy Online is a low-cost fixed tariff. It's what we call a 'dual-fuel' tariff, which means it's for electricity and gas.

It’s our cheapest tariff because you do everything online, pay by Direct Debit, and get all your bills and updates electronically.

You won't have access to our call centre with this online-only tariff, but:

  • you can manage your account online anytime using MyAccount
  • help is available via Chat.

Find out more about Easy Online:

What benefits do I get with Easy Online?

Our Easy Online tariff comes with the following benefits:

  • You save money because you're on a low-price, online-only fixed tariff
  • You save time because you pay by Direct Debit; set it up once and your payments come out your building society or bank automatically
  • You get online support whenever you need it, either by contacting our customer service advisers using Chat, or by searching our Help Centre.
  • You manage your energy whenever it suits you - see how 24/7 access to MyAccount can save you time and hassle
  • You don't get any bills or letters from us through the post, as we send all your updates electronically - so no clutter, and it's better for the environment too

If you're thinking about signing up for our Easy Online tariff, please be aware that you won't have access to our call centres. Instead, we'll provide support from our Chat advisers, which means 24/7 access, and no waiting in call queues.

If you prefer to contact us by phone, you would be better choosing another tariff.

What is MyAccount - and why is it important for Easy Online?

MyAccount is the quick and easy way to manage your energy whenever you want. It gives you 24/7 access to your energy account online.

When you sign up to Easy Online, you need to register for MyAccount (if you haven't already done so). As this is an online-only tariff, MyAccount is the only place where you can view your bills and manage your energy.

Here's a list of the key things you can do at MyAccount:

  • View your balance, bills and statements - see all your important documents in one handy place
  • Give us your meter readings - any time we ask you for a meter reading, all you need to do is log in and submit your reading
  • View your Direct Debit payments - check how much you're paying each month
  • Manage your tariff - when the time's right, you can find and change to a new tariff in just a few clicks
  • Update your details - it's quick and easy to change your details online
  • See how much energy you're using every day - this is only an option if you have a smart meter
  • Request a smart meter - we're rolling out smart meters across the country; you can find out if you can get one yet via My Account

Please remember that you won't have access to our call centre with your online-only account. However, help is available. Our online customer service advisers are available to Chat using the Chat buton on the right of the page.

Log in or register for MyAccount
How do I register for MyAccount?

Do I need to have electricity and gas with my Easy Online tariff?

Yes, we supply both your electricity and gas with Easy Online – it’s one of the reasons why you get such a good deal.

Do I need to pay by Direct Debit with my Easy Online tariff?

Yes, you do have to pay by Direct Debit with your Easy Online tariff – it’s another reason why you get such a good deal.

If you would like to pay by a different method, you will have to choose another tariff (you may have to pay an exit fee).

Will I need to pay an exit fee if I cancel my tariff and move to another EDF Energy tariff?

What happens if I cancel my Direct Debit?

Paying by Direct Debit is one of the conditions of your online-only tariff - it's one of the reasons you get such a good deal.

If you cancel your Direct Debit, we'll have to end your Easy Online contract and move you onto a 'deemed contract'. This means you'll pay our standard unit prices for your energy, which are usually higher than those of our online-only tariff. If you cancel with more than 3 months left on your Easy Online contract, you'll pay an early exit fee.

I'm changing from one EDF Energy account to another - do I have to pay an exit fee?

Can I get paper bills with my Easy Online tariff?

You can only get your bills and updates electronically when you have an Easy Online tariff - it's one of the reasons why you get such a good deal.

If you would like to get paper bills and letters sent through the post, you'll have to choose another tariff. You will pay an exit fee if you end your contract early (this will be if you have more than three months left on your fixed contract).

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