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What can I do to save energy?

There are lots of ways to use energy more efficiently at home. Most cost nothing, some cost a little - but together they could save you money. Visit ourĀ 'Energy Efficiency' pages for more information.

1. Simple actions such as turning off appliances that aren't being used can save energy. During the winter closing curtains and using heavy curtains can help retain the heat in the house.
2. Closing doors in the house reduces the movement of heat and can help keep the property warmer.
3. Turning off radiators in rooms that are empty reduces the load on the boiler and reduces the heating of water that isn't being used.
4. Use the thermostat and timer controls on your gas central heating. Try using the heating for just an hour or two less per day.

Some energy efficient home improvement measures, such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, may be available to customers who meet certain eligibility requirements or live in a certain postcode under the Government's ECO Scheme. Find out more about ECO here.

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