My smart meter isn't sending meter readings


Do you have an older smart meter (SMETS1) that’s stopped working?

We're part of an industry-wide programme to update first-generation (SMETS1) meters, so they have the same functionality as second-generation (SMETS2) smart meters. If your SMETS1 smart meter is yet to be updated, then you might have noticed some of the features don’t work anymore.

What kind of features no longer work?

You might have noticed one or more of the following with your SMETS1 smart meter:

  • Your in-home display no longer shows the correct prices or isn’t updating (if your prices or tariff have changed since 1 August)
  • You’ve had to provide a meter reading – or your latest bill is estimated, rather than based on the energy you’ve used
  • You can no longer access some of our online tools, like Energy Hub

What can you do if your SMETS1 smart meter no longer works?

While we upgrade SMETS1 meters, you’ll need to provide meter readings to get an accurate bill based on your energy use, rather than our estimate.

If we have any problems upgrading your meter, we’ll be in touch to let you know. We’ll also contact you if we need to visit your property to carry out the upgrade.


Do you have a newer Smart Meter (SMETS2) that's stopped working?

Don't worry, this can happen sometimes. Smart meters occasionally lose connection.

If you've any concerns about whether your smart meter is working properly, just contact us.

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