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My gas meter is 'capped' so I'm off supply. How do I have my gas uncapped and reconnected?

Generally a meter is capped for safety reasons (for example if a property has been empty for a long time or there’s been a gas leak). If your meter’s been capped, you’ll need to check where the cap is to work out who to contact.

The descriptions below should help you decide.

  • If the meter is capped on the incoming gas pipe or the emergency control valve (i.e. before the meter), then you need to call the gas network in your area to find out why this has been done.
  • If the cap is on the internal pipework (i.e. after the meter), you’ll need to contact a private Gas Safe-register engineer to take it off. If you’re a tenant, get in touch with your landlord or managing agent.
  • If the inlet pipe or the meter itself appears to be clamped or capped in any way, contact us

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