Model type: EDMI (Electricity)

  1. On the main screen, hold the OK button to get the main menu screen and use the return/OK buttons to scroll to the ‘Main PrePay’ screen.
  2. Use the buttons to scroll and select Top Up from the menu.  Enter the UTRN using the OK button to scroll through numbers 0-9. Press and hold the OK button to select a number.
  3. If you need to delete the currently selected digit and return to the previous one, press ‘return’.
  4. After you have entered the last digit of the UTRN, the screen will display ‘wait’ for up to 10 seconds.
  5. If successful, the screen will show ‘done’.  If unsuccessful, the screen will show ‘fail’ and show the reason, and the meter will prompt for the UTRN to be entered again.

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