I make regular payments using Direct debit. Should I take any action to cover the price increase?

For Direct Debit customers on our Standard (Variable) tariff, we ask that you review your payments to cover the increased costs that take effect on 1 April. When it comes to Direct Debit, we only review them twice a year. This action should be taken despite the recent news that customers will receive a £200 rebate in October.

Steps to increasing your Direct Debit payments

You can increase your Direct Debit by going to the My payment details screen

What happens if I don't increase my Direct Debit payments?

If you don't increase your Direct Debit payments to reflect the price change, you're likely to see higher monthly payments at your next review check-in and could risk going into debt.

What happens if I end up paying too much when I increase my Direct Debits?

If during your next review, we find that you're overpaying for what you're using, we'll adjust your payments and any credit could be refunded.


Other ways we can help our customers at this time 

What happens if I find I'm struggling to pay?

We have lots of ways to help if you're struggling to pay, including:

- Having a smart Pay As You Go meter installed can help manage your energy budget

- Paying less, more often - if you pay your bills quarterly, why not consider changing to monthly bills. You can change your billing frequency in MyAccount

- Extra support through our personalised services, including access to independent advice

Customers who are trying to switch to EDF at this time

Our current advice is to stay put. Due to the volatile energy market, our advice is to stay put. We're currently not offering quotes online. We're sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.

Want us to alert you when energy prices go down? Then, sign up for our price alert emails, and we'll let you know when this happens.

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