I have just checked the status of my account online. Why is it not live?

If you've recently switched to us, your account goes through a registration period as we process and register all of your details from your old supplier. Once we have all of the information required we then need to agree the supply start date with the other supplier. If we need any further information from you, we'll let you know.

Typically the change of supplier process takes around 33 days, plus your 14 day cooling off period, however it can take longer. For example, if your current supplier objects to the supply leaving them. If this happens we'll keep you up to date throughout.Changes to the switching procesYour switch may take a little longer than usual.

Changes to the switching process

Your switch may take a little longer than usual. This is because the UK energy industry is making changes to improve how switching works.

If you're concerned that the process is taking longer please chat to us on the contact us page.

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