How much energy am I using – and how does this compare to last year?

Standard meters

  • You can see how much energy you're using in a table on page 3 of your bill under 'About your usage' (you'll only see this if you've been with us for a year or more, and we've had enough meter readings from you).
  • The table shows you how many units (kWh) of energy you've used during this latest billing period – and how much you used over the same period last year.
  • You can use the table to work out if you're using more, less or the same amount of energy as this time last year.

Smart meters

  • Go to My Account to see how much energy you've been using (you may need to register if you haven't used My Account before).
  • If you've been with us long enough, you'll be able to see how your current energy use compares to the same time last year.

Prepayment meters

  • The graph on the first page of your annual statement shows you how much energy you've used over the last year.
  • It also shows you how this compares to your energy use over the previous year (if this information is available).

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