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How many gas distribution network providers are there in the UK?

There are four gas distribution network providers in the UK. They are:


  • National Grid Gas plc
  • Northern Gas Networks Ltd
  • Scotia Gas Networks Ltd (made up of Scotland Gas Network and Southern Gas Network)
  • Wales and West Utilities Ltd.

Each of these cover a separate geographical region. To find out which ones, check the gas distribution map.


As well as these four, there are also several smaller networks which are owned and operated by independent gas transporters (IGTs). Most of these have been built to serve new housing - so they’re actually becoming more common across the UK. There are currently six IGTs:


  • GTC Pipelines
  • Independent Pipelines
  • ES Pipelines
  • Fulcrum Pipelines
  • Indigo Pipelines Limited
  • Energetics.

They each connect to the main distribution network using their own pipelines.


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