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How does emergency credit work on my smart pay as you go meter?

  • We never want you to be left without an energy supply. So we give you £10 of emergency credit, per fuel, on your smart PAYG meter. You can activate this using your in-home display when your balance goes below £1, giving you time to top up.
  • You always have to pay back the emergency credit you've used, so you're covered in case of another emergency.
  • We'll automatically take a payment for your emergency credit as soon as you top up your meter. 
  • We also automatically take a payment for any other debt accumulated while you were using emergency credit – such as any standing charge or instalment plan payments you've missed.

During certain periods when we always keep your supply on, for example overnight, you may build up a small amount of debt. If this happens​ you will see the amount owed the next morning at 9am.

If you are unable to top up, emergency credit will still be available for you but will be reduced by the amount of debt you have built up overnight. In the above example, only £7.50 more can be used before your supply will be disconnected. If you select emergency credit, your in-home display will show the full amount (£10) of emergency credit even though you actually have less than this amount. So it’s important that you top up very soon. 

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