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How does Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly) work?

  • You'll pay four times a year with an automatic Direct Debit payment
  • The amount you pay is based on your estimated energy use which, if you provide a meter reading, can be adjusted to reflect your actual usage
  • This amount will go up or down after a meter reading because it'll reflect how much energy you've used

Why pay by Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly)?

This payment method means you'll only need to pay for your energy once every quarter (every three months). Because you set up a Direct Debit, a regular payment will come straight out of your bank account automatically (14 days after we have issued your statement).

Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly) is good value too, because you pay a lower unit rate for your energy compared to other payment methods.

How do quarterly Direct Debit payments work?

Each quarter we'll ask you to pay a Regular Payment Amount. This estimates how much energy you'll use over the year, which is then divided into four equal payments.

If you provide us with a meter reading after receiving a request for your Regular Payment Amount, we'll send you a new bill based on the energy you've actually used.

If you choose not to give us a meter reading, the Regular Payment Amount will be debited from your account automatically.

Will my Direct Debit payments change each quarter?

If you provide us with a meter reading each quarter, the amount you pay may go up or down to match your actual energy usage.

Do I need to submit a meter reading when I pay by Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly)?

Yes, you should submit a reading every quarter after we request one. An unexpected meter reading will create an additional bill.

We may increase or decrease your Direct Debit payment after we get your readings, to reflect the energy you're actually using.

How often will I get an energy bill when I pay by Direct Debit Whole Amount (Quarterly)?

You'll get a bill every time you provide a meter reading - ideally quarterly after we send you a reminder that your reading is due.

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