How do I manage an energy account for someone who’s passed away?

It’s never nice dealing with the death of someone close to you, and being responsible for letting everyone know the sad news. EDF Energy’s online form makes it easy for you to let us know when someone with an EDF Energy account has died.

Are you the executor?

As executor, you’re responsible for the home and any outstanding or ongoing energy (and other utility) charges until it’s sold or transferred to a beneficiary. So you’ll need to change the account from the deceased’s name to ‘Executors of Mr/Mrs XXX’ (with a mailing address if you live somewhere else). Contact us (click the Chat button on the right, or call the telephone number below) with the relevant information so we can do that (we might need to see a copy of the death certificate).

Was the property that the deceased lived in rented?

Let us know when you’ll be handing the keys back to the landlord or whoever’s now responsible for the property.

What happens when the property’s sold or rented, or transferred to a beneficiary?

The energy bills will then become the new occupier’s responsibility. Contact us (click the Chat button on the right, or call the telephone number below) to let us know that this happening and we’ll close the account. You’ll need to give us your final meter readings and a forwarding address so we can send you the final bill.

Need some more help?

Find out more about what happens after you’ve told us about the person that’s died. You’ll also find details of other organisations that could provide help and support.

If you’d like to talk further with one of our advisers, just click the Chat button on the right or call
0808 101 4115 (1).

(1) Calls to UK-wide numbers are included in any inclusive call plan you may have. If you don't have an inclusive call plan, calls are charged at a national rate. Please check with your service provider if you're unsure.

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