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How do I access a smart pay as you go meter's emergency credit?

Watch our video to find out how to activate your emergency credit – or follow the instructions below:
  1. Press 'Menu' on your in-home display, then choose 'Select Emergency Credit' by pressing 'OK'.
  2. Press the electricity or gas symbol to choose which fuel you want to access the emergency credit for.
  3. Once activated, you have £10 of emergency credit to spend (for each fuel); your meter will disconnect when your emergency credit runs out.
What to look out for on your in-home display
  • 'Emergency credit selected': this tells you that you've activated your emergency credit, but still have some of your own credit left
  • 'Emergency credit in use': this means you've run out of credit and are now paying for your energy with emergency credit.

During certain periods when we always keep your supply on, for example overnight, you may build up a small amount of debt. If this happens​ you will see the amount owed the next morning at 9am.

If you are unable to top up, emergency credit will still be available for you but will be reduced by the amount of debt you have built up overnight. In the above example, only £7.50 more can be used before your supply will be disconnected. If you select emergency credit, your in-home display will show the full amount (£10) of emergency credit even though you actually have less than this amount. So it’s important that you top up very soon.